Mobile Home Roof Coating by Kool Seal

Part of maintaining your home, specially mobile and modular homes often requires roof coating. One of the best brands of roof coating is Kool Seal.  They offer a few types of coatings and you need to consider the application and intended purpose before purchasing.
Will you be putting on a stationary metal roofed home like a mobile home? If so the best choice is often the asphalt based aluminum Kool Seal. This fiber based roof coating gives a thick coverage to help with small leaks as well as a reflective coat to help with heating and cooling costs. The Aluminum comes in a standard 3 year warranty and the Blue Label is a 5 year. For severe leaks you will need to use an additional product such as Peel and Seal or Storm Patch.

Both the Aluminum and White are applied with a stiff haired Kool Seal Roof Coating brush. Usually its done by hand on the seams and edges and an additional coat is done with a pole to the whole roof giving a double coat on all seams and edges.

Will you be putting it on a mobile roof such as a RV or Camper? If this is the case the White Elastomeric Kool Seal is best. It stays somewhat playable allowing it to expand and contract without cracking while giving your camper the benefit of a sealed roof.